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Microgreens: Tips for cultivating your kitchen garden

What are microgreens?

Most of you already know this: Microgreens are the young seedlings of various vegetables, which you can easily grow yourself with Heimgart. Microgreens have already developed leaves and are in a very early growth stage. This gives them a particularly tender, fresh and intense taste. Furthermore, the small plants are full of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.

Microgreens: Tips for cultivation

With Heimgart you can very easily grow your own microgreens because Heimgart is specially designed for growing microgreens and does not require soil. The starter kit consists of a porcelain bowl, a stainless steel insert and offers space for two seed pads. You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy fantastic microgreens with minimal effort.

Getting started with Heimgart  

? On the inside of the porcelain bowl you can find the calibration mark. Fill the bowl with water up to this mark so that the seedlings are optimally watered.

? Important: Cover the seed pads with the cultivation covers and wait until the microgreens nudge them down on their own.

? The seeds are dark germinators and must be protected from daylight in the beginning. In addition, the covers create the perfect climate for the microgreens to grow.

? Depending on the type of microgreens you are growing as well as the room temperature, the microgreens remove their covers after 2 to 4 days. Don’t be surprised about the yellowish color of the leaves, because the daylight will turn them juicy green within the next days!

? Fiber roots usually develop after 2-3 days after the microgreens have been ‘planted’. Because of their cotton-like, fluffy appearance, the small roots are often mistaken for mold. But don’t worry if a white fluff develops on the seed pad of the seedlings during the growth phase. This is perfectly normal.

? After 5-7 days. As soon as the microgreens have grown up to about a thumb length, you can start harvesting. It is best to harvest as needed, so that the nutrients are retained and the mini-green tastes nice and intense.

And now enjoy!

Whether on sandwiches, in salads or smoothies Heimgart microgreens refine every recipe and are an eye-catcher on every table. The taste of bread gets elevated to a whole new level when adding, for example, the slightly spicy mustard or radish microgreens. Of course these nutrient bombs should not be missing in salads either. And even the best burger will become even more delicious with some juicy green.  

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