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Hello root hairs!

If you have ever grown grown microgreens such as cress, rocket, radish and the like on your own before, you will have most likely noticed the white fluff near the roots of the seedlings. This fluff is called root hairs. It is sometimtes also called fiber roots or fluff hair. The root hair usually develop after 2-3 days after the microgreens have grown and have a soft cotton-like appearance.

What are root hairs?

Root hairs can be found on very young, still growing roots. They are usually only viable for a few days up to several weeks. With a minimum diameter of 5 to 17 micrometers and a length of 80 micrometers to 1.5 millimeters, they are particularly small and delicate. Although they are so small and delicate, they serve to increase the root surface and better penetrate the soil. At Heimgart, they serve correspondingly for better penetration of the seed pad made of natural fiber fleece.

This is exactly why the water-absorbing surface of the roots is covered with many fine root hairs. Because a particularly important task of the root is to absorb water and nutrients and pass them on to the plant. However, not every part of the root can perform this important task – the fine root hairs can! They are able to supply the microgreens with water and nutrients and thus make the plants the superfood they are as microgreens.

Root hairs support the natural growth process

So if you discover fine root hairs on your Heimgart Microgreens, you don’t need to worry. On the contrary! The fine root hairs ensure the natural growth process of the microgreens. It is a sign that the germination process is in full swing and the young plants are provided with everything they need.

Depending on the type of Microgreens you are cultivating, the root hairs are differently pronounced. So don’t be surprised if you don’t notice the root hairs at all. Our seeds also belong to the dark germinators and must be protected from light in the beginning. In addition, it needs a special microclimate with a high humidity. The cultivation covers should therefore remain on the tray until the microgreens push them down by themselves. More tips for your small kitchen garden from Heimgart can be found here.

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