Sophia Hoffmann and Heimgart

For Sophia Hoffmann, chef, author, internet star and a “Vegan Queen”, sustainability and conscious nutrition are of the utmost importance. No wonder then that Heimgart has a permanent place on her windowsill. “I love the freshness and intense taste of the tiny plants. I particularly like using them as edible decoration or to give other dishes that little extra“. Sophia is currently showing how she brings variety and fun into her cooking with these germinating plants, exclusively for Heimgart.

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Sophia Hoffmann and Heimgart

Vegan Queen, cookbook author and chef Sophia Hoffmann sets great store by sustainability and conscious consumption. No wonder then that Heimgart has already found a permanent place on her windowsill.

nico rittenau

Niko Rittenau and Heimgart

Microgreens are veritable power plants. They are bigger than sprouts, smaller than baby leaves and are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.