Broccoli microgreensBroccoli microgreens

Our broccoli microgreens have a fresh, mild flavour and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Broccoli microgreens seed pads


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Broccoli microgreens seed pads

You get 6 rocket lettuce seed pads for rocket lettuce microgreens. With them you can completely fill up the Heimgart sprouting bowl three times.

Harvest yields

The crop yield of our broccoli seed pads amounts to an average of 30 grams per seed pad. That means one full sprouting bowl filled with 2 pads has an average yield of 60 grams.

Nutritional values

Previous studies have shown that broccoli microgreens present a higher content of minerals and lower nitrate content than fully-grown broccoli plants.


Always store the seed pads in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight should be avoided. The seed pads can be composted or disposed of in the organic waste bin.

Consumption Note: Since Heimgart Microgreens are young seedlings, no sprouts, only consume above the roots.