Summer Mix Microgreens

New and only for a short time: with our summer mix of 3 mustard and 3 radish seed pads, you can add spicy flavor to your plate.

Summer mix microgreens seed pads


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Summer Mix Microgreens Seed pads

Radish Microgreens have a hot, intense flavour and give salad, bread or cream cheese a special touch. But the fresh microgreens not only taste good, the young seedlings also have a high nutrient content. Mustard Microgreens have a hot, intense flavor and bring a zestiness to your meals. However, the fresh microgreens not only taste good, the young seedlings also have a high nutrient content. For the freshest flavor, enjoy directly after harvest.

The organically certified seed pads are produced exclusively for the Heimgart gardening system. They consist of a natural fiber pad and organic seed which is fixed and positioned with a natural binding agent. If seeds come loose when the pad is unpacked, this isn’t a problem: simply spread them on the seed pad before covering with the cultivation covers.

With the Heimgart Starter Kit and the seed pads for mustard and radish microgreens, it only takes a few minutes to get the microgreens growing. Two seed pads are intended for use with the starter kit. Once the two seed pads have been placed in the porcelain bowl and watered, the first young leaves sprout after just a few days, providing variety and a healthy spiciness on the plate.

Harvest yields

The crop yield of our microgreens seed pads amounts to 25-40 grams per seed pad depending on the variety. That means one full sprouting bowl filled with 2 seed pads has an average yield of 50-80 grams.

Nutritional values

Previous studies have shown that microgreens present a higher content of minerals and lower nitrate content than fully-grown plants.


Always store the seed pads in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight should be avoided. The seed pads can be composted or disposed of in the organic waste bin.

Consumption Note: Since Heimgart Microgreens are young seedlings, no sprouts, only consume above the roots.