heimgart sommer editionheimgart sommer edition

Summer Edition
If you miss having a vegetable garden, Heimgart will bring your mini-garden into the kitchen. Microgreens not only bring fresh greens into your home, but with their delicate texture and intense flavour they add that certain culinary something to every recipe.

Summer Edition


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Heimgart Summer Edition

The Heimgart Summer Edition contains a Starter Kit and four Mustard Microgreens Seed pads that you can grow yourself.

Microgreens are the young seedlings of various vegetables, such as Mustard. Harvested as seedlings, they taste even more intense than their fully grown siblings. And the best thing is: Microgreens are power packages that contain many times more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than their adult counterparts. The young seedlings are therefore great sources of vitamins and nutrients that support a healthy diet. Feeling hungry? Then order the Spring Edition and grow your own Mustard Microgreens. They taste the best when harvested fresh from your kitchen garden!

Feeling hungry? Then order the Summer Edition and grow your own Mustard Microgreens. They taste the best when harvested fresh from your kitchen garden!

The Starter Kit

Heimgart is an indoor gardening system specially designed for growing Microgreens and works completely without soil or additional watering. The first leaves sprout after only a few days. The Heimgart Starter Kit contains everything you need to start growing microgreens: A porcelain bowl from Seltmann Weiden, a stainless steel insert as well as two certified organic Seed pads (DE-ÖKO-070). The Summer Edition also contains four Mustard Microgreens Seed pads.

The Seed pads

The organically certified Mustard Microgreens Seed pads are produced exclusively for the Heimgart growing system. The Seed pads consist of a natural fiber pad and seed which is fixed and positioned with a natural binding agent. If seeds come loose when the pad is unpacked, this isn’t a problem: simply spread them on the Seed pad before covering. Two Seed pads are intended to be used with the Heimgart Starter Kit.

And this is how you start your own kitchen garden: First you fill water up to the mark in the porcelain bowl. Then place two Mustard Seed pads on the stainless steel insert and place it in the bowl. Now cover the Seed pads with the two included cardboard covers. This protects the seeds from light and creates an optimal microclimate ideal to support the seedlings growth. The best thing is: With Heimgart, no additional watering is necessary. Once the porcelain bowl is filled with water up to the mark, steady, even watering is ensured throughout the entire growth period.

Whether used as an ingredient or as decoration, the young seedlings provide variety, creativity and freshness on the plate. Mustard Microgreens with their piciness add a special note to salads, bread, cheese or smoothies, and as decoration, the Microgreens spice up every dish.

Harvest yields

We developed Heimgart with a great love for detail. All microgreens components are harmonised with one another in such a way as to guarantee the highest possible growth success and crop yield.


Microgreens are veritable power plants. They are larger than sprouts, smaller than baby leaves and are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.

Care instructions

Pour some water into the porcelain bowl, then place the seed pads on the stainless steel insert designed for this purpose, lay the growing cover over it and wait. The microgreens do the rest all on their own – no more watering is necessary.