Special Edition
For a short time only: Our special edition, created together with our friends Nadine and Jörg from Eat this! Not only will you get the Heimgart Starter-Kit, but also a recipie book made by our two lovely food bloggers. Included is their favorite seed-pads, so that nothing stands in your way to healthy cooking.

Special Edition


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Heimgart & Eat this! The Special Edition

Nothing like fresh food is there? That’s also what the two food bloggers Nadine and Jörg from Eat this! think. On their successful blog they show how easy it is to cook creatively with fresh ingredients. Microgreens from Heimgart are a must – and they taste the best when freshly harvested from your own kitchen garden. With their delicate texture and intense taste, Microgreens not only look good, but also give the recipe a certain culinary something.
And best of all, the small plants are powerful, vital packages that contain many times more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than their adult counterparts. Want to whet your appetite? Then order the Special Edition and grow your own micro greens. You can find the right inspirational recipe thanks to Eat This! in the corresponding recipe booklet.

Harvest yields

We developed Heimgart with a great love for detail. All microgreens components are harmonised with one another in such a way as to guarantee the highest possible growth success and crop yield.


Microgreens are veritable power plants. They are larger than sprouts, smaller than baby leaves and are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.

Care instructions

Pour some water into the porcelain bowl, then place the seed pads on the stainless steel insert designed for this purpose, lay the growing cover over it and wait. The microgreens do the rest all on their own – no more watering is necessary.