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Heimgart: 5 Tips for your own little garden in your kitchen

Heimgart is an innovative growing system for microgreens and is designed to grow these small power plants without soil or constant watering. You don’t even need a green thumb! In order for you to enjoy Heimgart to the fullest we compiled some additional information for you:

No watering necessary!

If you fill the water up to the fine mark in the porcelain bowl, you ensure the optimal watering of the seed pads lying on the stainless steel insert until the microgreens are ready for harvesting.

Seeds: optimally portioned!

The seeds are portioned, positioned and fixed on the seed pad with a natural binding agent. Nevertheless, it can happen that a few seeds come loose. Simply sprinkle them onto the moist seed pad when it is lying in the watered porcelain bowl.

 Cultivation covers: for ideal growing conditions!

The Heimgart seeds belong to the dark germinators and must be protected from light at the beginning. In addition, it needs a special microclimate with a high air humidity. The cultivation covers that come with each seed pad provide ideal climatic conditions. It is therefore important that they remain on the tray until the microgreens push them down by themselves.

 No fear of root hairs!

The white fluff that is visible in the root area of the microgreens during the first few days is root hairs. This is no reason to worry! It is rather a sign that the germination process is in progress. Also the light color of the leaves after the growing covers have fallen off is normal – due to the daylight they turn a juicy green in the next days.

The full taste experience!

As soon as the microgreens are juicy green and about a thumb length high, you can harvest them. To enjoy the full and fresh taste experience, you should harvest your microgreens only as needed and eat them fresh.

With our microgreens varieties garden cress, rocket, broccoli, radish, mustard and red cabbage you will always create new taste experiences!

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